Our diving equipment

  • mono diver 7mm
  • bcd start pro
  • chaleco
  • consola
  • compas
  • escarpin
  • frog plus
  • marea vip
  • leonardo
  • seco desert
  • XSCompact

In Nisos Benidorm we offer you CRESSI equipment for rent, diving equipment. Our equipment is renewed every 2-3 seasons, so that you can always enjoy a material in perfect working condition and appearance, so that you enjoy the equipment, almost, as if it were you.

For recreational diving we offer you:

Bottles of 7, 10, 12 and 15 liters of steel with simple and / or double INT and DIN taps
2.5mm shorties of all sizes for boys, men and women
Single-piece Diver suits 5 / 7mm for children, women and men. Sizes: XXXS – XXXL
Desert dry suits of different sizes
2.5mm heat vests for greater thermal protection
Cressi Start Pro Jackets with integrated portaport pockets. Sizes: XXS – XXXL
Adjustable fins of all sizes
5mm zipper boots from size XXXS to XXXL
Masks and tubes of different models and sizes
Spotlights Subaqua
For diving in sidemount we put at your disposal:

Aluminum S40 and S80 bottles
Tecline Avenger wings
Tecline regulators
If you are interested in technical diving, we have:

Aluminum S40 and S80 bottles
Bottles 2 * 12 ltrs
Wings of different brands
Steel and aluminum backplates
Sets of hogarthian configuration controllers
Stage regulators
Desert dry suits of different sizes
Everything at your disposal so you can enjoy the best experience!