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Almost t have you never dived?

Are you attracted to the feeling of living in the first person mixing among the schools of fish and being part of marine life, but you are not sure if diving will be “your thing”? The most rewarding. There are many who consider it also the most fun

Que voy a aprender:

The baptism of diving is an experience that lasts, approximately, 4 hours. It consists of a part of theory (30-40 minutes), where we will see the basics of bottle diving: what do we feel when we dive, communicate underwater, how to interact with marine life, how our equipment works, … After this, we equip ourselves and with our boat, we go to the island of Benidorm. Once there, in very shallow depth, we will learn 3 basic exercises on the operation of the equipment. Finally, we made a dive to a maximum depth of 6 meters in the company of an instructor. The immersion time is, maximum, 1 hour, depending, of course, on your air consumption. After diving, we return to Nisos Benidorm where we will name the fish we have seen and you will receive a diploma accrediting the activity

Quieres Más??

Did you like it? If at the end of the sea baptism you ended up so content @ that you wanted to continue with the diving course, the theory, shallow exercises and immersion would be validated with the first part of the Open Water Diver course and the amount paid for the christening will be will be deducted from the total of the course, but we will talk about the course later.

The price of the baptism includes everything necessary for the development of the activity; The only thing you have to bring is a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and desire to have fun.

Prepared @?

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✗ Swimsuit

✗ Towel

✗ Bathing suit

✗ Towel

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