The basic diver course or Open Water Diver will prepare you to dive to a maximum depth of -18 meters, anywhere in the world, in the company of a diver of the same degree or higher

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Diving is your thing … You know it. You have already done a baptism before, or it is possible that doing snorkeling you feel like a fish in the water … You need to see this show in the first person and without anyone taking you by the hand ..

The basic diver or Open Water Diver course will prepare you to dive to a maximum depth of -18 meters, anywhere in the world, in the company of a diver of the same or higher degree. The course consists of a theoretical part, a learning part of skills in confined water (conditions similar to a swimming pool) and a part of immersions in the open sea.

The theoretical part can be done online, including exams, so that when you come to Benidorm, we focus only on diving. Of course, if you had doubts about the theory, you will clarify them in Nisos Benidorm with any of the instructors.
The part of skills in confined water we usually do in the sea, in a protected area and shallow, similar in conditions to a pool; There you will learn to know and manage your equipment, to control your buoyancy and to solve any problem that might arise during your dives. In this part of the course we tried to repeat a lot of the skills, in such a way that any problem that arose in a real immersion could be solved, since you will be familiar with it. If the sea conditions were bad we would go to the pool but we prefer to do it in the sea, since where you are going to dive in your real life will not be a pool.
Finally we will do the part of dives in the open sea: 4 dives in which, with your instructor, you will put into practice several of the skills learned in the previous part of the course and you will begin to enjoy this exciting activity.

After completing the three parts of the course you will receive a certification (a temporary card at the same time to finish the course), recognized both nationally and internationally, no expiration date that will enable you to dive anywhere in the world. Your final card will be received at your home within 1-2 weeks. The price of the course includes everything necessary for the development of this:
theory kit,
additional theoretical classes,
diving equipment rental,
five confined water sessions
an additional confined water session at the discretion of the instructor
4 boat dives,
1 additional dive at the discretion of the instructor
safe during the course,
certification expenses
There is not included in the course a medical certificate that the Spanish legislation requires that every diver possess, in which it states that the diver “IS SUITABLE for the practice of scuba diving”.


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