Al poder mover la botella de la espalda a un lateral, instantáneamente eliminas la presión de tu espalda y tienes más flexibilidad para moverte y disfrutar de la inmersión

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Side-mount or sidemount diving is not exclusive to technical diving. With this alternative form of diving we will achieve:

a hydrodynamic position in the water,
Easier to transport the equipment out of the water,
less tension in the lower back,
using two bottles, it offers a redundant source of gas,
control of the whole team because you have it in front

By being able to move the bottle from the back to the side, you instantly eliminate the pressure on your back and have more flexibility to move and enjoy the dive. Also, you do not have to walk to the dive site with the bottle on your back. You can enter the water, place the bottles and start the dive.

This course is composed of:
a session of theory and equipment configuration,
1 immersion in confined water where we will touch up configuration and learn the skills adapted to this system,
3 dives in the open sea where we will put into practice the skills learned
The only requirement to start this course is to be certified as an autonomous diver.

The price of the course includes everything necessary for the development of this one:
theoretical class and practices on land,
rental of sidemount wings and set of regulators,
1 immersion confined water
3 dives in open water,
certification expenses

It is not included in the course a medical certificate that Spanish legislation requires every diver to have, stating that the diver “IS SUITABLE for scuba diving”, as well as accident insurance and CR, also mandatory by law for any certified diver.

Do you dare to change your way of diving?

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